The Sing Smarter Sing Longer Vocal Course Introduction

Welcome to the Sing Smarter… Sing Longer Vocal Course Program!  I'm truly excited to share this course’s methods and exercises with you so you also can experience longevity in your singing career.

Before we get started I wanted to give you some general housekeeping information and some of the frequently asked questions you may have.  

What is the greatest benefit I will receive from using this program?

The greatest benefit that you will receive is overall confidence in your voice and ability.  The underlining thread in this course is to give you the confidence to walk out on stage and deliver the best performance of your life. Without any worries or fears or if your voice isn’t up to the task.  No matter what circumstances you might face, you will overcome anything that stands in your way. Gaining the knowledge and skill set within this course will prolong your career and give you the longevity you need.  Achieving this Mindset is where we separate the Amateurs from the Pros. I have all the confidence that you will succeed, and you will become the best singer you can be.  The skies the limit when you have the Drive, the Determination and the Discipline.  Work hard and you will succeed!

How Should I Go Through This Program?

Start with Lesson Module #1. Once you get to Module #5, you should ALWAYS start with the exercises in the Warm Up Module #5 before doing any new vocal exercise in the following modules.   It is my recommendation that you do all the exercises in the Warm Up Module #5 every day. Start with Module 1 and work your way through all the modules at your own pace to make sure you get the most benefit from every lesson.  

How long should I spend on each module?

Typically, students spend about one (1) week on each lesson module.  This will give your voice enough time to get used to what is being asked of it to do and you will be able to see the most benefit from each module.  Never rush what is being taught.

This isn't a strict rule and you can go at your own pace.  If you feel you have gotten a lot of benefit from the module lesson before, then you can continue to move forward.  If you feel you may need a little more time on a certain module, then you should take as much time as you need.

Ultimately, the course is designed for you to go at your own pace.  

My suggestion is one week per lesson module.  

What If I have questions?

If you have questions about anything in this course, there is a support tab on the top of the page.  Just click that tab and email your question from there. I will personally make sure your question is answered and that you get the most out of this learning experience.


I put a lot of time, energy, and effort into creating this program for you.  The only way to know how well it is working for you is for you to tell me. Also, if you know of someone… family or friend that would be interested in taking their singing abilities to a higher level, tell them about the Sing Smarter… Sing Longer Vocal Course.  

I look forward to hearing about your success!

Your Vocal Coach

Jerry Martin